On the metro
The art of going home #iphoneography  (Taken with Instagram)
Down the rabbit hole #iphoneography  (Taken with Instagram)

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Suburbia does not lend itself to photography #iphoneography  (Taken with Instagram)
Good morning Cairo #iphoneography  (Taken with Instagram)

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The Wait #hipstamatic #iphoneography #cairo  (Taken with Instagram)
Nowhere left to go. #iphoneography #tahrir (Taken with instagram)
It all pools in the center #iphoneography  (Taken with instagram)
Side by side #iphoneography  (Taken with instagram)

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We all watch the 9 o’clock news now. #iphoneography  (Taken with instagram)
There is no such thing as a queue in Egypt 
(Heliopolis, Egypt)
Playing the waiting game
(Doctor’s waiting room in Heliopolis)
And now for something completely different
(Ain Sokhna, Egypt)
Cairo forecast: Gloomy